We’re making our own gifts and cards, and we’re better off for it.

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We’re making our own gifts and cards, and we’re better off for it.  More was not better. Consider this article by the NYT, titled “Days of Wine and Roses are over this Valentine’s.”  Here’s an excerpt:

Long-stemmed roses are being replaced by homemade cards. Theater tickets are being replaced by Netflix. Personal jewelry is being replaced by personal poems.

And even some preparing to propose on Saturday are seeking a bargain approach: on Yahoo, searches for “cheap engagement rings” are “off the charts” compared with a year ago, according to Vera Chan, a trend analyst for the company. Other searches that are up over last year include “cheap lingerie,” “free Valentine’s Day cards” and “homemade Valentine’s Day gifts.”

Consider, also, this wonderful anecdote:

Creative, personal and experiential have become the key words. Chadd Bennett, 30, of Seattle, and his wife are forgoing their traditional getaways and jewelry this year, and will instead camp out in their living room and build a fort, harking back to their childhood.


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  1. Chadd says:

    Oddly enough Erich, I am a long time browser of Dangerous Intersection starting with the Larry Bates article (my in-laws are lefty St Louisians and I ran across your blog on my last trip out to St Louis). It was funny to see our story mentioned…glad you liked!

    Chadd and Lizzy, the fort buildin' Seattleites

    • Erich Vieth says:

      Chadd: Thanks for writing.

      Do you have any photos of your living room fort? If so, send one of them to me and I'll publish it to inspire others for Valentine's Day 2010.

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