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Darwin Day: Threat or Promise?

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Darwin Day: Threat or Promise?

February 12th, 2009 is the 200th birthday of Chas. Darwin. Yes, one of our famous politicians shares that exact birthday, but Abe the rail splitting lawyer is not the point of this post.

So what does Darwin Day mean? To most of the world, he was a man who found the missing link between the observation of evolution (that was accepted as reality before he was born) and a workable theory explaining it. He changed the understanding of how it happens from “What the (expletive)?” to “Well, duh!”.

But this is America. We have to be different. We have to be independent. Less than half of Americans seem to share the world consensus on the value of Darwin’s contribution. A survey conducted by Science Magazine (313:765-766) showed only Turkey having a lower public rate of understanding of the theory of evolution than the United States. Of course, the survey didn’t have access to even more starkly theocratic nations.

Here’s the summary of what people think of the theory of common descent:


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