Humanists note that Obama’s secular upbringing led to steadfast moral character

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Via Pharyngula.  The American Humanist Association is pointing to Barack Obama to make the point that a secular upbringing can lead to upstanding moral character.


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  1. My anti-spam word is "obama"??

    Anyway, I thought Obama had proclaimed that he was Christian?

  2. Karl says:

    It seems everyone can claim a piece of Obama. People can either believe what he says himself or what he says his policies will be. The only thing we know for sure is that he listens to perspectives and makes political choices that he believes will either help him get elected or which will keep his image from becoming so cast in stone that someone will finally have a reason to think they know who he really is.

    He gives a whole knew meaning to the term Christian. Politically he knew enough to convince some evangelicals that his personal beliefs might impact his political decisions. Personally his faith, writings and actions have been so fluid that he is still a work in progress.

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