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I haven’t posted here in a loooong time.  So sorry – but have been in the midst of life and starting a blog of my own, which covers more parenting stuff, just life stuff, than anything.  I have committed to a group of friends to write a post a day for all of 2009, and would love to have anyone who might be interested pay me a visit there.  I do post some cultural stuff, and will probably do a bit more as the year progresses.

In my racing brain, I am trying to hone in on some particular diversity issues in our culture, and at this point am struggling to find the words I need to take it to the next level.  I want to teach communication that will foster openness.  I want to encourage folks (those who aren’t typically open to it) to step outside their comfort zones and experience more ‘otherness’ firsthand.  By doing so, perhaps their comfort zones will grow, and perhaps theirs will intersect with those of the others, creating a giant, cosmic Venn diagram of commonality.  

Well, I can dream, right?  How to go about this, I don’t know.  I can post here, and blog there, and for the most part, even though many debates unfold, I am singing to the choir.  Not that we all agree on every point, but that we are all open to hearing other points of view.  I want to reach those who are not.  Or who are, but don’t know it – because few other points of view reach into their lives.  

Ideas are welcome, of course.  I am adding a link here to my blog; specifically to a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about watching girls grow up.  Thanks for indulging me this moment of self-promotion, and please, DI folk, keep up the fabulous work!!  Erich has given me permission to cross-post some of my blog stuff here, so I may do that, but I’m also going to try to write something here at least once each week as well.  No promise that I will, but a promise that I will try.

May 2009 be the beginning of something so much better than we’ve ever known . . .


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I am a writer and communication professional in St. Louis, Missouri, a crafter of jewelry, a disorganized optimist and most importantly, the adoptive mom of two China-born daughters.

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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    You're going from hardly-see-you to once-per-week? Good gracious!

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