How many more days until Bush leaves office?

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Truly, I can’t wait.  Especially in light of the way George W. Bush has disparaged science, screwed the public and worried mostly about helping big business.   It all comes together in this post by Think Progress about Bush’s Administrator for the EPA, Stephen Johnson:

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson willingly endorsed the Bush administration’s push to put business interests ahead of his agency’s mission to “to protect human health and the environment.” An extended profile of Johnson published Sunday by the Philadelphia Inquirer reveals that the evangelical Johnson is unwilling — or unable — to separate religion from science. Johnson — not a Ph.D. scientist — received his bachelor of arts degree in biology from Taylor University, “an evangelical, interdenominational covenant community committed to advancing life-long learning and ministering the redemptive love of Jesus Christ to a world in need.”


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    My answer: too many.

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