CNN Gives Science Short Shrift

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Do you remember when CNN brought us 6 hours of live coverage of a war before the White House admitted that we were in one? Gulf War I forced a change in the relationship between official truth (Pravda) and media observation. Now, in the aftermath of Son of Gulf War, CNN is making an interesting decision.

They are closing down their science/space/tech division!

Pharyngula (CNN Screws the Pooch) suggests that the decision is based on marketing: The public is perceived as incompetent or disinterested, therefore why waste money to educate them?
Bad Astronomer (CNN catches the stupid) calls for a subtle boycott: If they won’t bother with science, why bother with CNN? I admit that these scientists may be biased about what is important.

Both bloggers link to the same article: Miles O’Brien To Leave CNN. Network Shutters Science, Space and Tech Unit, the point of which is that a particular talking head is losing his job as one result of this.

And this happens as prezelect Obama promises to promote more science in America.


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