Al Franken May Yet be a Senator

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Did you think that the election was over? Nope. In the Minnesota Nov 4 Senate election, Al FrankenAl Franken (D) lost by 206 votes (out of almost 3 million). This close of a margin requires a hand recount. About 34,000 votes were rejected by machines (uncounted), primarily in Democrat-heavy districts.

With this and a few other close races, Al Gore (Y2K presidential loser, then Nobel winner) is pushing for recounts to create a Filibuster-proof Senate (60 on one side). Only 3 of the contested races need to tip Dem to create this potentially King Stork situation from our generally King Log Senate.

Anyone who has actually read some of the Arabian Nights learns that no fulfilled wish goes unpunished. (Amazon Book Search). So read up on your Aesop and your Burton, and prepare for the coming administration. It has the potential of changing the mythology of our nation.


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    Saints be praised: Al Franken is a senator. The saints are those hard working and selfless individuals who worked for months to get an accurate count, by hand, of millions of ballots.

    Sure, it will be challenged by the barely losing incumbent. But the word is official and unlikely to change.

    Let's see any other Senator do this (he "addresses" a crowd 20 years ago)

  2. Dan Klarmann says:

    Are we there yet? It is official, but not yet final after almost 6 months?

    Here on CNN

    • Tony Coyle says:

      It's not yet official – Coleman still has one level of appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court. I understand (IANAL) that of the seven justices, three would need to recuse (for campaign donations, or other conflicts of interest) which would leave the bench with a potential tie. In that circumstance I believe the Governor (Pawlenty) has the ability to decide.

      Coleman may finally realize he's lost, and concede.

      I doubt it.

      The race is not over yet.

  3. Dan Klarmann says:

    Finally! After 8 months of recounts and challenges, Senator Al Franken:

    From SNL to US Senate, satirist Al Franken declared winner of MN election

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