Andrew Sullivan’s endorsement of Barack Obama

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Andrew Sullivan’s endorsement of Barack Obama wasn’t unexpected, but it is eloquent and inspiring.  It starts with the many missteps American has taken since 9/11 and takes us up to today, and into the future.  Here’s an excerpt:

The world will soon remember why it resents America as well as loves it. But until this unlikely fellow with the funny ears and strange name and exotic biography emerged on the scene, I had begun to wonder if it was possible at all. I had almost given up hope, and he helped restore it. That is what is stirring out there; and although you are welcome to mock me for it, I remain unashamed. As someone once said, in the unlikely story of America, there is never anything false about hope. Obama, moreover, seems to bring out the best in people, and the calmest, and the sanest. He seems to me to have a blend of Midwestern good sense, an intuitive understanding of the developing world that is as much our future now as theirs’, an analyst’s mind and a poet’s tongue. He is human. He is flawed. He will make mistakes. His passivity and ambiguity are sometimes weaknesses as well as strengths.

But there is something about his rise that is also supremely American, a reminder of why so many of us love this country so passionately and are filled with such grief at what has been done to it and in its name. I endorse Barack Obama because I will not give up on America, because I believe in America, and in her constitution and decency and character and strength.


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  1. But there is something about his rise that is also supremely American,

    He is very optimistic, but he should not forget that the whole campaign involved a lot of show, media, money and balloons, in short a lot of superficial things. I'm not saying that this is the way Obama would have preferred to convince people that he is the right man for the job, but it was necessary. And necessary is not the same as good or great or pretty.

  2. Ben says:

    Andrew Sullivan on the Colbert Report last night:

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