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My 10 year old daughter and I recently attended a rally for Barack Obama in St. Louis where former President Bill Clinton gave a speech supporting Barack Obama for President. We left for the rally at Kirkwood High School two hours early but wound up standing in a long line and finding a seat in an off-site location where there were speakers for the speech being given next door. I asked my daughter if she wanted to leave and hear the speech later and she said no, she wanted to hear what President Clinton had to say that night as it happened and maybe see him.

My daughter and I had canvassed for votes for a school tax increase in 2006 but, I hadn’t taken my daughter to a political rally before. It was cool, she said. There were lots of people to meet and talk to and share food with, and buttons, signs, T-shirts and trinkets supporting Obama. We talked about politics, the candidates, why Hillary had lost in the primaries, even though we had supported her. I had chance to see the latest political items, and talk to my daughter about trips I had made for political and other conventions where I had sold political items. We left the rally with a really cool T-shirt, a “Kids for Obama” button and I had a nice Obama-Biden in ’08 jugate (button with a picture of both candidates for the party).

In his address President Clinton told the crowd the two main reasons he felt the choice to support Obama for President was easy.

First, Clinton said, look at the two “presidential decisions” which each of the candidates has already made and make you choice; “It’s easy!” Clinton said.

The first of the two choices which each of the candidates has made is of their choice as a Vice Presidential candidate.

Clinton pointed out the extensive experience of Senator Joe Biden, how he would fill any alleged “experience gap” in areas where Mr. Obama might be less experienced.  Joe Biden had worked across the isle in the Senate and was widely respected as a leader on issues relating to foreign policy and defense. Joe Biden had life experiences where he was aware of what it takes as a single parent to see a family through rough times, like many of the people which had spoken to Mr. Clinton across the country and supported Barack Obama for President. One such single mother introduced President Clinton.

John McCain had made a ideological choice of a person who knew nothing outside of Alaskan politics, and failed McCain’s own stated criteria for a Vice Presidential nominee. Now, after one speech and a new wardrobe, we’re supposed to believe that someone who has been a governor for 20 months of a state with a population of 600,000 is ready to be “leader of the free world?”

The second decision which President Clinton talked about was how each candidate handled the financial crisis and the legislative aftermath.

Barack Obama didn’t say anything right away. Obama took some heat for that but, was contacting those whom he trusted to give him straight information about what was going on, what could be done to fix the problem, and most importantly, what was right for America.

John McCain “suspended” his campaign to “go to Washington.” John McCain talked about “canceling the debate” scheduled for the next week. But, McCain stayed in New York for a day, did an interview with Katie Couric and didn’t leave for Washington until some 36 hours later where his involvement was late, and interfered with the already bi-partisan negotiations which were going on there.

President Clinton then asked a rhetorical question of which person was acting “presidential” and was taking care of the business of America. Mr. Clinton said the two “Presidential decisions” of both John McCain and Barack Obama had shown that Barack Obama was better for America.

Mr. Clinton spoke similarly but more expansively in Florida yesterday.


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  1. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    After one of the debates, someone asked me who won. I answer " The voters who watched the debate."

    One of the more important aspect of the presidential debates is the public being allowed to see how the candidates handle a live situation.

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