John McCain Votes Early … for Obama!

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Yes, friends, it’s true. But it’s not accurate. Most of the times I’ve stayed in Cincinnati I have stayed at the house of one John McCain. He told me

I thought you might get a kick from this.  I was contacted by the Sandusky Register.  They had been trying to contact Senator John McCain. His campaign did not respond, so they interviewed me.
This triggered the Obama campaign to contact me, and led to my early voting.

Besides CNN (above) it was also covered in the Sandusky Register and the Cincinnati Enquirer.


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    John W McCain just sent me this email:


    I was interviewed by an Oslo, Norway paper, Aftenposten (The Evening Post) on Friday. It ran today.

    Here is a quick translation of the story.

    Some finer points might have got lost in translation, but I hope I have not misrepresented your opinions.

    Kjetil Hanssen

    John McCain: Hope Obama wins

    John McCain donated 2,300 dollar to get Barack Obama elected. Why?


    –.Why? I want Barack Obama to be the president of the United states rather than John McCain, John McCain says to Aftenposten.

    John McCain is 57 years old an lives i Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a passionate opponent to the war in Iraq.

    –.I went to Washington three times to participate in marches against the war, McCain says. – Oh, that’s right, the bus broke down once, so I’ve only marched twice.

    He thinks the Bush-administration is way too conservative, favours their friends in big business and don’t care about the average person.

    –.The big corporations has practically had a permit to make money. They should be obligated to give something back to society, he says.

    He has not voted for a republican candidate since Richard Nixon. He thought about supporting John McCain in the primaries in 2000, but he thinks McCain later has disappointed in not being independent from the party line.

    – The last years I’ve tended to be more and more a democratic voter, he says.

    He is under the impression that a lot of his fellow citizens will vote for the democratic candidate this year. McCain lives in the swing state Ohio, which became a battleground state the last weekend of the campaign. He says that the suburbs on the edge of the city often has a tendency to vote republican.

    John and his wife had for a while discussed a contribution to the Obama campaign, and they decided on the maximum amount of 2300 dollars.

    –.This is an important election. We need someone who can make us cooperate. We must begin to speak to each other again in this country, he says.

    –.Will you change your mind before Tuesday and vote for McCain instead?

    –.No, I’ve already voted, John McCain says.

    30 persons with the last name McCain has donated money to Barack Obama’s campaign.

    John McCain: No to John McCain.

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