If you are a U.S. citizen you are sponsoring torture.

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Andrew Sullivan published more evidence that the United States is torturing its prisoners.  Complete with evidence that we are causing the prisoners to go insane purportedly for the purpose of getting information from them.

Writing a complaint letter to the President to complain sounds so incredibly naive and trite, though that’s what we are taught to do in grade school civics.

To the extent that we do nothing meaningful to oppose this torture, we are part of it.   Even if we strenuously oppose this torture, it is nonetheless being done in our names.  But what are we to do?  Storm the White House and get mowed down with automatic weapons?  Set ourselves on fire in a public place?

The only real short term solution for most of us is to help get the vote out in November.   But many people are complacent about the election.  For instance, many people still claim that they are “undecided.”  Please do what you can to talk about the issues with your “undecided” complacent acquaintances.


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