Note to John McCain: We can’t trust you around America’s nuclear weapons.

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Yes, John McCain. We know quite well who you are, and we don’t want anyone with your ego and your temper to have the power to fire American nuclear weapons.

While we’re on the issue of violence, are you consciously trying to get one of your enraged followers to inflict physical violence on Barack Obama? Listen to your rhetoric at your recent rallies. And see here.  I’m not the only person to wonder whether you are trying to incite violence.  See this post by Jeffrey Feldman. Consider this: You have successfully convinced your followers that Barack Obama is a terrorist.   What would you think one of your followers might be inclined to do once they became convinced that a “terrorist” was about to become President?

Then take a long look in the mirror.  Doesn’t your behavior and your rhetoric at recent rallies remind you of the sort of hate-filled political rallies you’d find in the sorts of despotic countries you’d like to overthrow? Doesn’t it further trouble you when a uniformed officer helps stir up the crowd on behalf of your ticket?

Senator McCain:  You didn’t have much further you could fall in my book, but you’ve just slipped from disgraceful to despicable.


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