Tina Fey returns to reenact the VP debate

October 4, 2008 | By | 2 Replies More

Tina Fey once again plays Sarah Palin in this reenactment of the VP debate. In this skit, Sarah Palin is certainly being given the respect she deserves.


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  1. I'd bet anything that there is some small uncontrollable part of Tina Fey that secretly wishes that McCain/Palin get elected!

  2. lisarokusek says:

    From a purely satirical and comedic stance it would be a beautiful thing – an unending fountain of fodder, a symphony of dysfunction to parody. I admit to being curious as to the heights (and depths) we'd explore.

    However since that laugh-a-minute soundtrack would be supporting a dangerous and potentially fatal ride to the end of days, I hope we can restrain our collective curiosity. 🙂

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