The twelve lies of Sarah Palin

September 23, 2008 | By | 2 Replies More

Andrew Sullivan lays them out for us.

What’s going on? It’s not a matter of spin or hyperbole. Sarah Palin is a pathological liar. And McCain’s “solution”? Keep Palin away from the media. Let the people watch Palin’s canned speeches over and over.

Even our ball-less corporate media isn’t going to stand for this. May they show no mercy. We have a country at stake.  Therefore, here is my advice to the media:

Don’t take the guilt-bait of the McCain-Palin campaign.   Don’t listen to them when they say that you’re playing unfair.  Just keep putting those big headlines up:  “Palin, who insists that she can be trusted to be Vice-President is caught telling a dozen documented lies.”  “Palin’s best foot forward: a few canned speeches and twelve lies.”  Don’t let up.  If they stop giving you access, here’s your headlines: “Palin refuses to speak candidly with the media.”  “Palin keeps ducking the media.”  “McCain is afraid to let Palin give a press conference.”

Keep pushing these hooligans until they pop, and they will.  They simply cannot stand scrutiny.  For dessert, ask McCain why he lied about one of his main advisors taking big money from Freddie Mac until last month.

Enough with government by scoundrels who exercise insincere, ill-informed corrupt back-room cronyism.  Eight years of it has been eight years too much.


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  1. Hank says:

    Unbelievable (though this is Bush-era journalism we're talking about). What's equally unbelievable is that Palin hasn't been laughed off the GOP ticket yet. If McCain gets elected with this complete noob in tow I fear for the future of the US of A, I really do. If Republicans actually care about good governance they'll drop her like last season's handbags.

    Of course, the obvious mental exercise here is to imagine what would happen in the alleged "leftist" media if Obama kept his VP pick Joe Biden out of the spotlight the same way McCain is. The words "Fox News" and "feeding frenzy" and "hey, who was Joe Biden again?" come quickly to mind…

    Then I think about what would happen here in Australia if either Labour or the Liberals were to choose an incompetent lying buffoon like Palin as their deputy. Australians might remember the farce of Pauline Hanson, possibly the most offensively ignorant "regular joe" type person ever to enter Australian politics. Sad thing is she got elected…by Queenslanders. Now, I like Queensland (it's tropical like Florida, stacked with farmers & elderly retirees from the southern states but with no Cubans and more outback) but that didn't surprise me one bit. Fortunately that little saga was over before Hanson could do any real damage.

    Palin, though – with the support of Fox, the GOP and a gazillion hard-prayin' hockey moms for Jesus, well…be afraid, America. Be very afraid.

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    Here's more on Palin's mega-lies, from Andrew Sullivan:

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