Just wondering what Condi Rice thinks about Sarah Palin…

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I suddenly had this question pop up in my head – what does Condi Rice actually think about Sarah Palin? What would she say if you asked her? Everybody talks about Obama and the racism he is facing, that his academic achievements and community engagements are discarded as hot air, but imagine being a black woman, busting your ass to go to a top school, putting together an impressive CV, and seeing this white [insert any familyfriendly insult you know], who barely managed to get a university degree, be nominated VP by your own party. I’d find that outrageous and insulting. On the other hand, maybe she is not a petty minded individual like me and sees the bigger issues at stake. Maybe she is just glad to see another woman liking the Iraq war as much as she does.


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  1. Vicki Baker says:

    Gosh, Proj, don't you know that Condi only got into Stanford because of affirmative action? Quit picking on Moose-Hunter Barbie!

  2. Tim Hogan says:

    Hey, I thought we agreed Palin was "Caribou Barbie!"

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    Now you've got me wondering too. I wonder, also, whether Condi Rice perceives herself to be robot-ish. I always think of that when I hear her talk. I also think of her as being a person who should have been a hero by standing up and telling the country that she was being asked to tell big lies to earn her paycheck and that she was therefore resigning. Really, she could have done the right thing, but didn't. Just like so many of the Bushies, who treasured their fame and paychecks more than the truth.

    I'm sure all of them have grown incredibly cynical over the past eight years, including Rice. So cynical that Palin wasn't so crazy a pick. Really, what's the big deal with an idiot choice for VP when you've been living with a needless war that's killed as many as 100,000 people and drained the U.S. treasury?

    Despite my obvious impatience and antagonism for Rice, you raise a good question and I would like to be the fly on the wall when she first discussed the Palin pick with her closest and must trusted friends.

  4. Maybe she is also compartmentalizing a lot. I have no clue. She either doesn't cares who will be VP, because she doesn't want this job and knows she will also be able to wield power at some other influental post, and as long the the Republican candidate wins, she is also winning. Or she is lying to herself. Rationalization is something really powerful. The best tool to brainwash yourself. Or maybe one day she will see the party as conglomerate of white elitist old men and leave.

    In a way I wonder how a Republican can not be cynical? They know how easily the public can be manipulated. People are obviously stupid. Do you really want them to vote on their own? Would you really want them to have democratic powers? You manipulate them for their own good, because they are stupid. And seeing how easy they let themselves be deceived just proves that they are stupid and need more manipulation. It is essential that the party win to ensure guidance for the people. Maybe that is what Condi Rice thinks, too. Not that in this party as a black woman you have to work harder than a black man, harder than a white man, to get to the top, but that's just because you have the wrong skin color.

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