Sarah Palin’s polar-bear-sized-lie

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Sarah Palin has already been caught telling some huge lies.  So many lies, in fact, that everything that comes out of her mouth should be presumed to be a lie unless proved otherwise.  Truly.

Amy Goodman of has reported on another HUGE lie out of the lips of Palin.   Palin made a public statement that Alaskan scientists concluded that the polar bears were not in any danger due to a shrinking ice cap.   This was not true.  The Alaskan scientists never made that claim.   Further, when Rick Steiner, a marine conservation specialist and University of Alaska professor requested the assessment of state scientists who had examined the impact of global warming on polar bears,

he was told he might have to pay close to half-a-million dollars for the request to be processed. Steiner finally obtained the documents through a federal records request and found that the state’s marine mammal scientists were actually at odds with Palin’s position.

In short, Sarah Palin lied about the plight of the bears, lied that scientists backed up her claim and then tried to hide the scientists’ actual findings from public scrutiny.


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  1. The "they lie to the fish" quote is constantly and prominently in my mind these days……..

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    Republicans engage in what I can only call "structural lies." To understand what this means consider this: Just about every significant lie uttered by Republican politicians is designed to make them seem less conservative than they really are.

  3. Tim Hogan says:

    Man, now The Daily Show is running clips of McCain saying: "drill, drill here, right now" and then an earlier one of McCain decrying drilling as an option to get us out of foreign oil dependence.

    Then we have Bush announcing the $89 billion AIG bailout and then earlier Bush saying we shouldn't bail out corporations caught up in the housing finance crisis.

    I don't think these people care what they say and when, as long as they've focus grouped and polled it, and run it by KKKarl Rove.

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