What changes do “The Original Mavericks” plan to make?

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Watching the speeches, interviews and television advertisements of McCain & Palin, I’ve noticed that all they ever talk about is their past achievements, most of which are carefully and heavily embellished to take credit where little or none is due. Palin’s claim to have “canceled the bridge to nowhere,” when in fact it was killed by the U.S. Congress, comes quickly to mind. But here’s the question I don’t see them addressing: what future changes would they make to Bush’s policies if they win the election?

They have already declared their full support for Bush’s policies on taxes, Iraq, Afghanistan, energy, oil drilling, ANWR, environmental protection, health care, Social Security, Medicare, federal judicial appointments, reproductive rights, homosexual rights, education funding…the list is nearly endless. They try hard to wrap themselves in a mantle of change, and to claim in their speeches and ads that “change is coming to Washington,” but change is conspicuously missing from their actual policies.

So, when are Democrats going to quit being destracted with superficial issues (Palin’s family, McCain’s war record, etc.) and come back to the main point that most Americans care most about: what changes do the candidates actually plan to make? On that over-arching topic, Obama and fellow Democrats can wipe the floor with McCain’s lies. They should do so.


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