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If you’ve become disoriented by McCain’s many lies, trying to keep track of what lies McCain has told, where and when, consider visiting McCainpedia.

The lie-counter at the McCainpedia currently documents 52 big whoppers.  The site offers quite a few links and explanations to give context to the lies. Here’s a sample entry under the topic of Budget:

Eliminating Earmarks Doesn’t Come Close To Paying For McCain’s Spending
Earmarks Amount To Less That 4 Percent Of The Deficit. “If Congress eliminated every earmark approved last year — $15.3 billion worth — it would cut 0.5% of federal spending and less than 4% from the deficit. That grand gesture would pay for what the nation spends in Iraq in just six weeks. In the pie chart of federal spending, earmarks don’t even merit a slice.


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