Warning: the candidate for Vice-President knows nothing about foreign policy

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I have only seen this excerpt of Charlie Gibson’s interview of Sarah Palin, not the whole interview.  So far, it confirms the impression of all honest self-critical people.   Sarah Palin resembles a high school student trying to bluff her way through an answer in class.   She is incompetent to be Vice-President because she is uninformed, simplistic and unable to process real world ideas.

My opinion: Give her the hook and send her back to her fundie church where she can prattle on harmlessly.


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Erich Vieth is an attorney focusing on consumer law litigation and appellate practice. He is also a working musician and a writer, having founded Dangerous Intersection in 2006. Erich lives in the Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, where he lives half-time with his two extraordinary daughters.

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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    AAAAAAAAAAArgh! You should have heard the GOP talking heads saying how Palin "nailed the question."

    David Gergen said it was clear Palin hadn't a clue what the "Bush Doctrine" was, until explained by Gibson (nice save, Charlie!).

    Do you think, after being told by Karl Rove and his corporate masters that neither Lieberman or former DHS Secretary Ridge could be the VP, McCain picked Palin out of pique?

  2. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    The scary part is that if the republicans steal this election and McCain becomes incapacitated, who will be telling her how to think?

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    What if Obama stood up and proudly proclaimed that Belgium attacked the United States on 9/11? Imagine how he would be laughed out of this campaign. And he would be torn to shreds by the media. OK, let's see the media go after Palin for this claim:

    FORT WAINWRIGHT, Alaska, Sept. 11 — Gov. Sarah Palin linked the war in Iraq with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, telling an Iraq-bound brigade of soldiers that included her son that they would "defend the innocent from the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the death of thousands of Americans."

    The idea that the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein helped al-Qaeda plan the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a view once promoted by Bush administration officials, has since been rejected even by the president himself. But it is widely agreed that militants allied with al-Qaeda have taken root in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion.

    For the full Washington Post article, see here.

  4. grumpypilgrim says:

    I heard a Palin staffer on the radio this week report that one of the reasons why Palin has been incommunicado is that she's been getting a crash course in foreign policy. In Palin's case, "a crash course in foreign policy" means that she's been learning how to pronounce the names of foreign heads of state. Having never met or spoken to *any* foreign head of state before getting the McCain pick, this is understandably an important thing for her to learn.

    Of course, Palin's stunning ignorance didn't stop her from declaring herself ready to be President of the United States. To the contrary, her ignorance is likely the reason why she believes herself to be ready — a classic case of someone who is ignorant of her own ignorance (see http://dangerousintersection.org/?p=292/).

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