What are Sarah Palin’s religious beliefs?

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At Salon.com, Sarah Posner writes about the religious beliefs of Sarah Palin.  It’s everything most of us would have expected.  Here are a few exerpts:

With regard to creation, the Assemblies of God’s official position is that “even though the Bible is not primarily a book of science, it is as trustworthy in the area of science as when it speaks to any other subject” and its “account of creation is intended to be taken as factual and historical.” Homosexuality is a sin because “it is disobedient to Scriptural teachings,” “contrary to God’s created order for the family and human relationships,” and “comes under divine judgment.”

[They] believe worship of the land, the sea, the oceans, and other attributes of the earth is an abomination to God the Creator.”

Belief in the rapture and end-times is part of the official position of the Assemblies of God.

Consider, also, Amy Goodman’s interview of Frederick Clarkson, an independent journalist who has covered politics and religion:

Let’s begin with you, Fred Clarkson. What are you most concerned about in Governor Palin’s views?

FREDERICK CLARKSON: Well, I’m most concerned with the point that you raised earlier, and that is her well-documented belief that she’s living in the “end times,” we’re all living in the “end times,” and that her interpretation of the Book of Revelation may be driving her public policy and particularly her foreign and military policy views.

AMY GOODMAN: Explain what is meant by “end times.”

FREDERICK CLARKSON: Well, that means that if you take the Bible, and you begin with Genesis and Creation and the Book of Revelation, which describes God’s plan for the end of the world, we’re at the end of the book, and that it ends in a bloody conflagration before God’s people are saved. And she and people who think like her believe them, themselves, to be the people who are going to be saved, and the rest of us are not looking so good.

AMY GOODMAN: And these comments about the war being a task of God, the Alaska pipeline, you know, praying for the companies and the people.

FREDERICK CLARKSON: Yes, certainly, the idea that the war in Iraq could be a task of God could be interpreted in that way. But I think, more specifically, it’s a conflation of one’s particular political or public policy views with that of the will of God that makes for a very unstable kind of political thinking.

AMY GOODMAN: In what way?

FREDERICK CLARKSON: Well, I mean, that whatever idea may be popping into your head, that you might be inspired to invade a nation, could be the will of God. That’s where it gets very dicey. And sometimes you can find what you’re looking for in metaphor, such as what most of what the Book of Revelation really is.


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    Here's Palin talking about "God's Will." Yet another contradiction for this muddled uninformed sham candidate. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/11/palin-fa

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