McCain campaign: Real journalists will not have access to Sarah Palin

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Real journalists will not have access to Palin.  That’s the clear message by Nicole Wallace of the McCain campaign.

Andrew Sullivan writes: “I’m simply staggered that someone who could be president in an instant next January has been in her position for a week and cannot be asked questions by the press corps”

This denial of access to Sarah Palin is only appropriate, of course, because the media was acting inappropriately when it tried to determine whether Sarah Palin is competent to be the next Vice-President of the United States.  Bad Media!   Here’s the apology of one journalist.

And this denial of access is just the continuation of a trend.  When the media tries to really find out about McCain (instead of acting like his stenographer), they shall be punished by denying them any further access to McCain.   Most important, if you dare to ask McCain questions like THIS, you have no more access to McCain for the rest of your life.  For instance, consider the promise McCain made to Larry King (and check out the many comments).

And now, McCain is trying to shut down the Alaskan ethics probe of Palin, because the People simply don’t need to know the facts.  So what if Palin abused her power of office!

If you want to make McCain happy, run happy polls with the deck stacked.


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  1. The pitbull with lipstick is not able to face the press yet??? She wants to be VP and is not able to give interviews, because she is shy/stupid/has a pimple on her nose/[any other adequate reason]?? I'm starting to find the Republicans really really scary.

  2. grumpypilgrim says:

    OMG. The notion that a candidate for U.S. V.P. should *not* face press questions should scare *any* patriotic American. That sort of evasion is what distinguishes every repressive dictatorship on the planet. Nevertheless, after seeing Palin's speech, and the massive hypocrisy and partisan attacks it contained, I can see why the McCain camp might want to keep her in the closet. Regardless of the first impression she gives, Sarah Palin strikes me as someone the American people will intensely dislike.

  3. grumpypilgrim says:

    Palin can't talk to the press; she hasn't been programmed yet.

  4. Cynthia Jay says:

    The dinner-table brought up some fuel-for-the-fire to toast Sarah Palin, and by association, the Republican Party & John McCain

    1) She looks like Disney's Wicked Stepmother-Queen in Sleeping Beauty.

    2) Looking at the population of Alaska and of of her earlier mayoralty, could she perhaps be called parochial?

    3) She claims having Foreign policy experience because Alaska borders on Canada and looks at Russia: has anyone counted how many Canadians or Russians actually live anywhere near?

    4) Perhaps we should look forward to having a VP who is a better shot than Cheney…

  5. Erich Vieth says:

    Cynthia: Before jumping to conclusions about Sarah Palin's resemblance to the Wicked Stepmother, consider these other look-alikes floated by Jon Stewart. .

  6. Erich Vieth says:

    Glenn Greenwald is right on the mark, once again:

    [A]nyone running for Vice President ought to submit to questioning from the media. But the idea that her doing so will be some great blow against propaganda is wrong for numerous reasons. Who are these great, aggressive journalists who are going to question her in a meaningfully adversarial way in order to expose the falsehoods behind the image that is being created around her?

    When they decide in a couple of weeks that Palin is ready to do so, she'll go and sit down with Brit Hume or Larry King or Charlie Gibson or some other pleasant, accommodating person who plays a journalist on TV and have a nice, amiable, entertaining chat about topics that are easily anticipated. Having been preceded by all sorts of campaign drama about her first interview and the excitement that she's not up to the task, her TV appearance will be widely touted, score big ratings, and will be nice entertainment for the network that presents it. It will achieve many things. Undermining propaganda isn't one of them.

  7. "Go back to bed"??? How incredibly arrogant to suggest that journalists have no place asking questions! And Nicole Wallace's belittling attitude about it speaks volumes about the Republican party.

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