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I almost fell over when I saw this.  A reporter (Campbell Brown) is aggressively pursuing McCain hack Tucker Bounds, cutting through his BS.  If we had journalism like this two years ago, U.S. troops would have long been out of Iraq, we’d already have a serious and thoughtful national energy policy and McCain would never have been the Republican nominee.

Beware, though, there’s a price to pay when you attack the propaganda machine of the vindictive John McCain.


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  1. I'd love to have seen the pit stains under Tucker's arms when he took off his jacket after that interview!!

  2. She's cool. It's not fair to call her pursuit for clarification aggressive though. She is persistent, but not much more.

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    When I call a journalist "aggressive," it is a compliment. It is a very very good thing. I applaud Campbell Brown's work during this interview. We need a lot more of this type of journalism.

  4. Dr. B says:

    If you almost fell over from this then some actually journalism may blow you through a wall.

    For starters take the argument they are engaged in, one purely of experience. A notion that time equals ability is a non-sense equation. John McCain is an open proponent of war crimes; severe ones at that. Despite whatever time he served doing whatever is rather moot in contrast. That, of course, it not up for discussion.

    On the whittled down point of her argument, that he couldn't name a single decision call by Palin, is worthless. I can't recall the decision calls of numerous military generals that I know of and I can't fathom what that has to do with their ability. An actual journalist would know the record and state it, not question a party rep as an authoritative source and let the lack of knowledge serve as meaningful display to lack of evidence.

    Palin has openly supported the Iraq occupation and invasion. That is fodder enough as they are severe international crimes and crimes against humanity under numerous international standards and laws. Those are blatant and everyone know them but they are just not for discussion within the bounds of elite debate. What is within the bounds of debate are what was displayed, and it's deplorable.

  5. If he is the PR guy for the Republicans, isn't it to be expected that he be well informed about the reasons why they chose her?

    For most people "aggressive" has a negative connotation.

  6. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    a very entertaining clip.

    I haven't seen that quality of journalistic professionalism in US media in a long time. While Bounds was rude, continually interrupting Campbell before she could finish a question, to apparently answer a completely different question, Campbell remained polite, persistent, and professional. She maintained a neutrality of voice that kept Bounds on the defensive, while avoiding prejudical wording that can turn an interview into a shouting match.

    Perhaps Tucker Bounds is not as experienced as he should be.

  7. grumpypilgrim says:

    It's scary to think that the two biggest problems facing America today are Bush's disastrous foreign policy and his equally disastrous economic decisions, and that neither McCain nor Palin has a grasp of either subject. McCain talks about his POW experience and Palin talks about small-town politics.

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