The Footprints of Creative Creationists

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There is yet another story going around about dinosaur and human footprints found together in ancient (maybe 4,000 years old!) rock. Here is the local credulous Texas take on the find.

Dinosaur footprintAll the previous pictures of contemporaneous dinosaur and human footprints provided by these people showed that humans used to have 19″ long feet with only 3 toes. This new isolated sample, long removed from its secret setting, is available to view in person by true believers. The dinosaur track might be real, but any anatomist or gait specialist could tell you what is wrong with the human footprint, and its intersection with that of the dinosaur. Any paleontologist want to comment on the dino-print?

If they really wanted actual paleontologists to believe the evidence, they would invite them to the site of the find to seek the rest of the footprint trail. As an attempt to gain credulity, they claim that over 800 x-rays were taken of the rock (one CAT scan?) after the human footprint was “revealed”. Um, I guess they need to prove that it is a rock through and through. Actually, the claim is that fossil footprints are made by compressing layers of rock, rather than in a soft single sediment layer where they are usually found. The scans reportedly show that both footprints distorted underlying layers.

The daughter of the discoverer has studied some geology, so she is skeptical of its evidentiary value as proof of a Young Earth. But Dr. Carl Baugh, the founder and director of the Creation Evidence Museum in Texas, hopes to get these pictures into Texas textbooks (and therefore all other states) under the Strengths and Weaknesses doctrine of the Discovery Institute.


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  1. Dan Phelps says:

    Actually the dino print doesn't look right either. Do a google images search to see what real carnivorous dinosaur tracks from central TX look like. And note that the multi-ton dino doesn't cause what was originally soft mud to rise up around the "track."

  2. Dan Klarmann says:

    Yeah. Pharyngula posted on the article shortly after I did, and shows a proper dino track for comparison. Among his other debunks.

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    What's the deal with the circular hole where the big toe impression should have been? I'd suspect that it was an old person with a cane walking his pet dinosaur.

  4. Karl says:

    What is incredulous with a dinosaur footprint, which are found all through the paluxy region, being found on top of a human footprint?

    Just how old is the rock? Well I guess that all depends on which approved methodolgy one needs to use in order to discover what one expected to find.

    Couldn't some of these critters have escaped the mass extinction of the K-T boundary?

    Please See:

  5. This creation evidence bs is a real threat to science. I am a geologist and I can tell you that fossil is hardcore fake. First off, carnivorous dinosaurs don't have footprints like that. Second, why the f wont these morons let real scientists into where they found it? I know the answer!!!! Because its fake! And these idiots want this crap in text books, are you kidding me! These religious crazies need to be stopped before they spread their bs lies anymore.

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