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Psyblog has lots of useful and succinct articles on psychology. The writing, which often draws from newly released research published by psychological journals, really gets to the point. This article, “Ten Practical Uses for Psychological Research in Everyday Life,” contains a list of practical uses for psychology. I found myself reading each of the links and learning more than a thing or two along the way:

1. How to detect lies

2. How to make your smile more attractive, more trustworthy and less dominant

3. How to persuade others your opinion represents the whole group

4. How to have a refreshing holiday

5. How to avoid getting scammed

6. Using email to persuade

7. Find out if you’re satisfied with your relationship

8. Reduce your cholesterol levels

9. How to make friends with self-disclosure

10. Impress people with your knowledge of the Top Ten Psychology studies.

Psyblog is run by Jeremy Dean, a freelance writer.


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