Housing and Transportation costs will keep the cities relatively affordable

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Should you live in the suburbs or in the city to keep your housing and transportation costs in check?  According to this interactive site developed by CNT and its collaborative partners, the Center for Transit Oriented Development, the answer is clear–live in the city.

The bright red color-codings you’ll find when you check the 2008 costs of transportation (versus the 2001 costs) will shock you.  None of it is surprising, really.  If you choose to own (and cool and heat) a big house 20 miles from from the city center, you’ll pay out of your nose for it.  You will likely have to pay more than 48% of your income for this privilege.  Unless you want to grow your own crops and weave your own clothes out there, rarely commuting to the city.

Thanks to Salon’s “Triumph of the Low-Carbon City Dweller” for this link.


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