Eating your front lawn

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Why grow grass when you can eat your front yard?   Grass is no longer cool, according to this article in Time:

The problem, as [architect and founder Fritz] Haeg sees it, is that the “hyper-manicured lawn” is looking increasingly out of date. In the 1950s, when suburbia first began to sprawl, a perfectly trimmed front yard embodied the post-war prosperity Americans aspired to. Today, amid rising fuel costs, food safety scares and growing environmental awareness, a chemically treated and verdant but nutritionally barren lawn seems wasteful, he says.

Haeg has also published a new book:

The publication of Haeg’s new book, Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn, marks the beginning of a concerted national campaign to dramatically overthrow an American institution, the front lawn.

If you’re curious, visit the Edible Estates site. Invite me over when the tomatoes growing in your front yard are ripe . . .


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  1. rosa says:

    I have three acres all I do is plant a few plants and mow it occassionally, that is why when we have some drier than normal summers my yard is green while everyone elses is brown.

    used to graze horses on it but not anymore. I personally don't understand people up the street will water their lawn alot and then mow it twice a week, why water iit if you dont want to mow it? do they like mowing maybe?

    I dont see anything wrong with a lawn, many crittors like them provided there are no chemicals, voles and moles will oxygenate it for you, I have tons of these crittors they are quite cute, my riding mower will flatten the little hills so no problem. birds and rabbits and chipmunks, little birds seem to liek my yard alot. and it makes it easier for the hawks to get the rabbits and baby groundhogs if there are enough open spaces. they gotta eat too.

    I have plants for the butterflies, hummingbirds and I see orioles too. so a lawn can be useful to some animals. just don't use chemicals except maybe natural ones that are species specific or something.

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