The accomplishments of President George W. Bush

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According to the AP, George W. Bush recently did a good and honorable thing:

President Bush is backing legislation to prevent people from losing their jobs or health insurance based on genetic testing.

Bush on Wednesday signed into law an anti-discrimination measure that drew enormous support in Congress. It forbids employers and insurance companies from denying employment, promotions or health coverage to people when genetic tests show they are prone to cancer, heart disease or other ailments.

He also did a good thing in 2003 when he signed into law the National No-Call list. Here’s that story:

President Bush on Tuesday signed legislation creating a national “do-not-call” list intended to help consumers block unwanted telemarketing calls.

I want to make sure I recognize that, for the past 7 years, George W. Bush has accomplished two things of which I approve. It’s important to take the time to recognize the accomplishments of people.

So there you are: two good things in seven years.

It’s my opinion, however, that virtually every other thing President Bush has done for the past seven years has been incompetent, dangerous, ignorant, dishonest, bigoted, divisive, corrupt and damaging to the reputation, economy and way of life of those living in the United States. Hence, I agree with this post.


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  1. Bob Geldorf claims that Bush did a lot for Africa:

    That makes three good things?

    [Here's the link]

  2. By the way, it seems to me that Time Magazine is publishing more and more favorable articles about Bush and the current government. They have also started a new section a couple of pages long with stories about stars and Hollywood gossip. And I think I don't like Joe Klein's comments nor his picture (he looks maudlin and sensitive, but not in a good way). I've extended my subscription for another year, but I think after that it will be good for the trash can.

  3. Ebonmuse says:

    I seem to remember Bush also created one of our largest ever marine wildlife reserves near Hawaii. So give him credit for three. 😉

  4. R says:

    Your point seems well taken that in his administration, Bush's no-call list initiative seems nice but not much to offset the burning ruins which he has left us in. However, how much do we really know about the no-call list to remember it so fondly? Can we be sure that it was not a fig leaf for the overall surveillance effort which surfaced a year or two later with the phone companies allowing massive NSA telephone surveillance? Has anyone looked into or written about this?

  5. H.S. says:

    What about all of the work that he has done in Africa? Do you even know what all he has done there?

  6. Erich Vieth says:

    OK, Bush got another thing right:

    President Bush last year rejected an Israeli request to provide sophisticated, deep-penetration bombs to attack Iran's underground nuclear enrichment facilities, Pentagon officials said yesterday.

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