Al Jazeera takes a look at Kentucky voter attitudes regarding race

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This is a fascinating video, which I learned of at Daily Kos.

Now that we’ve dragged some of those wacko preachers out into the limelight, maybe it’s time to focus those cameras on the bigots.  Sunshine is great disinfectant.


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  1. My impression is, the white male American population with internet access mainly hates Clinton (sexist), the white male American population without internet access mainly hates blacks (racist).

  2. Fear and ignorance are a powerful combination.

  3. Dan Klarmann says:

    My (white male) bias against Clinton is not gender related. The Republicans don't seem scared of her, so I suspect that they have a solid strategy to use against Clinton, should she be appointed the candidate.

    As opposed to Obama, whom Republicans attack at every opportunity during the primaries.

  4. I think I need to correct myself, "hates blacks" might be too strong. "Mistrusts blacks" might be closer.

  5. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    My dislike of Clinton has nothing to do with gender. Her past actions are more in line with the republican POV than I am comfortable with.

    Her resume' includes a former position on the board of directors of the Walmart Corporation, the largest recipient of corporate welfare in the world, with a completely callous attitude concerning it's employees

    ( check out for more info on this )

    In spite of the fact that a large part of the healthcare woes in the US are an indirect result of the medical insurance industry, ( partly as fraud either by or against insurance companies, and partly by the insurance companies assuming the authority to determine a patient's medical treatment, while forcing the responsibility on the health care providers ) Clinton's proposal for a federal mandate requiring health insurance for everyone is a step toward total privatization and a step in the wrong direction.

    Clinton has voted for the building of a fence on the Mexican border to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants from that country, but has not been supportive of increased funding of the INS which has badly under funded through most Republican administrations.

    The idea of building a fence to keep the illegal immigrants out is so absolutey silly. Mexicans have access to wire-cutters, bolt cutters, ladders, boats and airplanes. They will either make holes in it, or go around it.

    It would be much better to put some teeth into the enforcement of laws against the employers that profiteer from employing undocumented workers "off the books".

    Like the Republican party, Clinton favors the interests of big business, over the needs of the constituency. I think our elected officials should represent interests of all their constituents, not just the rich ones.

  6. Not you, Dan. Other white males. 😀

    I'm not really a fan of Clinton, but what I have seen on the internet as far as now confirms this article. There are many under the belt attacks going on and what is called "character assassination."

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