Can Nuisance Suits Stop the Insidious Spread of Evolutionary Understanding?

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Apparently the Pacific Justice Institute is suing a couple of Berkeley professors for putting up a website that explains evolution. The PJI apparently sues anyone who might constrain Christian evangelism in America, including in public schools. I read about this current suit here, on

CitizenLink is a newsletter for Focus on the Family, a non-profit political action group for Pro-Life, evangelical Christian, and/or Young Earth education policies, but with redeeming social action programs. As long as they don’t mention candidates by name, they don’t have to pay taxes.

The legal claim is that evolution is a faith-based idea, and that the professors used Federal Grant money (National Science Foundation grant no. 0096613) as part of the funds needed to develop the site. Apparently the site disregards Creationist sources and ideology, and as such is religiously biased and violates the separation clause. is full of references and citations, explanations, illustrations, and Evolution Education Websiteteaching guides to try to lead one to an understanding of many facets of what evolution is, and how it affects, well, everything. Topics include easy to follow answers for skeptics, like “How does evolution impact my life?”, “What is the evidence for evolution? ” and “What is the history of evolutionary theory?”. There are guides for teachers at all levels.

As such, this site has been a thorn in the side of Intelligent Design since 2004. Let’s see how much mainstream press this current nuisance suit attracts.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Dan: The Washington Post just published an editorial called "Creationism's Latest Mutation. Here's an excerpt.

    NO ONE would think it acceptable for a teacher to question the existence of gravity or to suggest that two plus two equals anything but four. It's mystifying, then, that a movement to undermine the teaching of evolutionary biology is attracting some support. Equally perverse is that this misguided effort is being advanced under the false guise of academic freedom.

    Bills that would protect teachers critical of the findings of Charles Darwin appeared in five states this year, and legislators in others are said to be considering similar moves.

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    This Creationist abuse of the Court system is reprehensible. I would hope and assume that this frivolous suit would be summarily dismissed.

  3. Ben says:

    16% of high school biology teachers are young-earth creationists. Our survey is the first nationally representative, scientific survey to examine evolution and creationism in the classroom. The findings suggest that victory in the courts is not enough for the scientific community to ensure that evolution is included in high school biology class.

  4. scripto says:

    What next? Anti-vaxers suing the CDC?

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