Center For Inquiry questions politically-skewed high school textbook for classes on U.S. government

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I read quite a few textbook quotes from this report and I must agree:  they are shockingly inaccurate.  This book repeatedly pushes the conservative line, even when the facts don’t support it–just like the Bush Administration.   The existence of this high school textbook is yet more evidence that we are living in a post-fact era. 

Here’s the press release from CFI:

The Center for Inquiry (CFI), an international think tank promoting science and secularism, released a 25-page report today detailing what it calls “egregious errors” sufficient enough to warrant “immediate correction,” in a widely used civics textbook found in many secondary schools around the country, including advanced placement courses. CFI believes that the textbook American Government: Institutions and Policies, 10th edition, (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006) contains inaccurate and misleading statements, in particular in its analysis of global warming and certain constitutional law issues. In response, CFI’s legal experts have analyzed the textbook and prepared a critique that sets forth recommended changes. 

Derek Araujo, a lawyer and executive director for CFI’s New York office, spearheaded the textbook review project. Araujo stated that he was “surprised and dismayed that a textbook used in advanced placement courses would contain clearly erroneous statements about significant issues, such as global warming and school prayer.”


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  1. Alison says:

    I just read an article this morning about Matthew LaClaire (the HS student from Kearny, NJ, who brought his teacher's classroom proselytizing to light) submitting this text to the CFI. Some of the changes the authors are making to the text seem hardly better than the original.

    I'm thinking that maybe I should submit my daughter's World Civilization text to the CFI. It's so full of horrible stuff that I can barely look through it myself. It characterizes the torture and murder of The Inquisition as being guided by a deep desire to save souls – just a buncha good-hearted guys who didn't know where to draw the line. It made my stomach churn.

  2. Tim Hogan says:

    Look no farther than the Texas Book folks, they probably rejected text after text until they got the language the wanted. And we got W from Texas too!

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