Creationists take young children on a tour of Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science

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The place is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The outcome is predictable, but this video is nonetheless worth watching to appreciate the extent to which the creationists intentionally deceive themselves. Along the way, the creationist teachers work hard to avoid considering evidence that disproves their bizarre religious beliefs.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Sorry, Dan. I should have realized that this was the exact same group. Yes, your post introduced this bizarre tour on DI.

  2. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    The really weird thing about this is that the most outspoken creationists fail to realize that the concepts of genetics, evolution, and the adaptive nature of species all originated from the church. Darwinds main contribution was his theory of natural selection, which tied it all together.

    In a short story titled "Sail On, Sail On", writer Philip Jose Farmer had a religious description of the workings of a spark gap radio transmitter.

    Friar Sparks explained to an onlooker how when he pressed to key on his transmitter, the spark called forth thousands of little cherubim who would line up between his transimtter and the reciever on another of Columbus's ships and shake hands, thus conveying his signal to the Friar Sparks on the other ship via the coherer.(Friar Sparks was a title, not a name)

    By the way, the storie ended with the ships sailing off the edge of the world.

  3. Erika Price says:

    I noticed that the B.C. tour guide claims that Jesus created everything on earth, not God. Did anyone else find this odd? Yes, I know Jesus and God are somehow confoundingly both the same and different entities, but I've never heard creation accredited to Jesus before. If Jesus and God are the same being, then at least isn't it true that the Jesus incarnation or "form" of God didn't exist yet at the moment of creation?

    I already had enough trouble navigating the business of Jesus as both a part of God and God's son. This little tidbit of Creationist perspective really throws me off.

  4. Erich Vieth says:

    Erika: I caught that line about Jesus-the-Creator too. It doesn't surprise me that these goofballs would make a claim contrary to their own Bible. It's all in keeping with their habit of making claims that have no credible evidentiary foundation. I'd be amazed if they could pass a 4th grade science test.

    They are certainly enjoying playing the parts of heroes to the naive students and their even more naive parents. What a scam. These people should all spend an hour per week in a library reading books that challenge their wacko beliefs. They'd be amazed at how beautifully complex the world really is when they dare to open their minds.

  5. Carmen Giggey says:

    Okay, as a creationist I do NOT agree with the video. If anyone doubts how God uses science, they need only watch Exodus Decoded by the Naked Archeaologist (check the History International channel for that documentary). As for my teachings, I grew up with the fundamental Christian doctrine, but I was taught that a day was as a thousand years, etc. (it's in the Bible).

    Yes I believe dinnosaurs roamed the earth and the earth is billions of years old. We are all still learning – consider the latest evidence that our dinnosaurs died out in three stages, what science backs as the reason for each stage and also that NO comet from space killed them. Even so you can still see some of the older films where it tells of a comet destroying the world. (love the science channel). Guess it just goes to show that all of us are still learning and correcting older, wrong theories.

    Please do not consider religious folks as whacko's, even if some are. I grew up seeing the back side of the pulpit and what pride can do to the best of religious leaders. Why do I believe in God and that Jesus is not the same as God? The Bible states that a husband and wife are as one, but they sure are two separate human beings to me. God and Jesus may be one in spirit, but they're two different entities to me.

    How sad when people can't open their eyes and see all that God really is. After all, He is the real father of science and creator of the prehistoric creatures as well.

    • jan says:

      I agree with Carmen, not all creationists agree with a young earth anti-scientific proof theory.

      It's all to do with how you interpret what you read and then look at all the facts and probability of a situation. Even scientists have to interpret what they find in order for it to make sense. Young earth creationists read the bible literally,the link I've enclosed was informative for me:

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