Why are so many Presidents left-handed?

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I often notice left-handedness, perhaps because I am a left-hander.  A few days ago, while watching a video of the most recent Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama debate, I noticed that Barack Obama was left-handed (he was taking notes with his left hand).   That video reminded me that Bill Clinton was also a leftie. 

After reading this ABC News article, I was reminded that Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush were also left-handed (George W. Bush is right-handed).  The same article indicates that John McCain is also left-handed.   So is John Edwards.

Pretty startling statistic, given the fact that only about 10% of people are left handed.  The ABC News article suggests an explanation:

Scientists and historians agree that being left-handed, which is often associated with outside-the-box thinking, can be a political strength.


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  1. Sergio South says:

    I’m also lefty and I got a talent of musician and politics all of us lefties we got some kind of secret enlightenment….

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