Who are the Congressional elite?

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According to this article in Harpers, the Congressional elite include most of the members of Congress.   Consider this, for example:

Since 2005, at just ten of D.C.’s priciest restaurants, House membvers have spent more than $5.4 million of political funds.

The title to the article is “Beltway bacchanal: Congress lives high on the contributor’s dime.” 

I’m more concerned than ever that this well-entrenched and well-monied lobbyist-filled culture will repel most good-hearted citizens from ever wanting to serve in government.   Combine this repulsive culture with the threats that even good-hearted people would face if they dare ran for high public office, and it leaves you wondering how Congress is run by any well-motivated people at all.


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    Having lived inside the Beltway myself and attended some of the lavish parties there, I'm going to offer a different view of things. There are a LOT of parties in Washington, with LOTS of politicians, LOTS of lobbyists, LOTS of good booze at open bars, LOTS of money on the table, LOTS of ambitious people, LOTS of attractive women in tiny dresses…. Take a congressperson who hasn't had much experience in such an environment, ply him or her with some alcohol (and, for many people, it doesn't take much), and even good people can go bad. People make mistakes, pictures get taken, evidence is collected, and pretty soon there is dirt on everyone.

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