Who’s Afraid of Barack? And why?

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I watched a few minutes of a Sunday morning Fox political program, and noticed that their fair and balanced coverage of presidential politics had several distinct spins.

On the republican side, McCain is the anointed candidate.

On the Democrat side, the race will be decided by the super-delegates. Every bit of subtle mud that can be slung at Obama is being dug and slung. Why just Obama?

The message is clear: Conservatives think that Obama is electable, and they are not particularly worried about Clinton. It’s a safe bet that they have a campaign set up to effectively counter a Clinton candidacy; they’ve had over a decade to do the research. But they might fear that a proverbial left-field candidate like Obama might do something rash if elected, like expose and change the underpinnings of the lengthy and profitable electoral process.

Maybe they think that Muslim radicals will have a harder time convincing their young followers that Barack Hussein Obama is the enemy, and the profitable war will wind down.

Perhaps they simply think that he is activating the youth vote, and once the draft-age population is politically involved, all the profitable “wars” (on drugs, on terror, etc) will fade.

Possibly they fear that his multicultural upbringing and education will make it impossible for him to see just the narrow picture when asked to approve dumb laws and expensive and futile unfunded mandates.

Maybe it’s just that their pollsters think that someone with less of a melanin deficiency is more electable than one with two complete x chromosomes.

But, hey. I’m just an ignorant blogger.


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