Teens stand up to military recruiters

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Congratulations to these kids.   They’re absolutely justified.  The military has no right to coerce high school students into taking tests that make it easier to recruit the students. The test the kids resisted, the ASVAB is a covert recruiting tool.  If kids want to go to Iraq, let them go to the recruiter’s office. 


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  1. It's extremely cool that this kids stood up for themselves and also tried to help the younger kids, on the other hand – where are the parents?

    I still find it hard to understand that at an age where you are not allowed to drink or have sex(?) you are still considered smart enough to make a decision that concerns your life and are expected to sacrifice your life for your country. I wish George Bush had sons, maybe his hypocrisy and that of his fellow war supporters would have been more obvious. It's difficult to imagine that he would have allowed them to go to war.

  2. Kevin Morgan says:

    They should have torn them up. But it's hard enough to get adults to defy authority, so I really can't blame them for not doing it. At least walk out and see what would have happened.

  3. Dan Klarmann says:

    Brave kids. I agree with the stance against the scam. But a primary purpose of the Federal Government, as expressed in the preamble to the Constitution, is to "provide for the common defense".

    It makes perfect sense that a federally funded and mandated school system would provide access to military recruiters, especially during this current military occupation of a foreign nation without any adequate means of replacing the 3 or 4 troops lost each day(official tally, actual count seriously varies).

    If schools still had jROTC programs, I suspect there would be fewer shootings in the neighborhoods. But it is shameful that the military has to stoop to subterfuge to boost recruitment.

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