Why did Obama win in Iowa?

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Why did Obama win in Iowa? This video gives you a good idea of why. Obama adopted, as his motto, “The fierce urgency of now.” Obama is not a mere speech reader, as you can see from this speech he gave on November 10, 2007. He really hits some solid notes along the way.


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  1. Maybe this also had something to do with it:

    "In the mythology of political power, Iowa is frequently the sterile cemetery of those fading but recurrent dreams of a resurgent democracy in America. In that cold and pitiless graveyard that is a vast mausoleum for political progress, Dennis Kucinich struck a match and lit a candle for the future of America. Yesterday, in a terse but dramatic announcement, the man who has won every progressive poll in the past three months endorsed Senator Barack Obama as the valid agent of "change" and urged his loyal supporters to vote for the Senator from Illinois on their second ballots in the Iowa caucuses."


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