Why does Bush keep smirking and laughing at such inappropriate moments?

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Bob Cesca raises the issue of Bush’s inappropriate smirking and provides the images to substantiate the problem.

I went to Catholic grade school and high school and I’ve seen nuns beat the holy crap out of you for smirking at something innocuous. So here’s the alleged leader of the free world repeatedly smirking at matters of death and destruction.  I’ve noticed it repeatedly.  Now Bob Cesca puts several images of Bush’s most bizarre expressions in one article:

I don’t know who he thinks he is or what he thinks he’s grinning about, but for the Commander in Chief of the United States armed forces to smile and giggle while discussing warfare of any form or magnitude is an insult — not just to the soldiers who followed his orders into battle, but also to basic decency and human morality. From his zany “those WMDs have to be around here somewhere” sketch to his shit-eating grin whilst comparing warfare to wacky-yet-delicious breakfast foods, this extends far beyond the necessary objective distance of a military leader and into the realms of madness.


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  1. William L says:

    After watching him in several serious & somber situations behaving in the most inappropriate ways imaginable, I've wondered just what in the world this man could possibly be thinking? A few thoughts: For starters, I believe GWB has all of the emotional insecurities of a 14 year old boy. He spent his formative years with an aloof & absentee father and a disapproving, detached mother. Both parents strike me as somewhat less than warm, nurturing caregivers. Also, he seems to me as harbouring very hostile feelings toward both, as well as fearing & loathing his mother while also feeling a sadistic resentment towards his father. As he grew into his 20's, he used most or all of his mental abilities developing skills in such behaviour traits as deception, lying, scheming, all the while his barely-repress'd hostilities towards his parents deepened. To say he didn't respect them would be a gross understatement. He's never felt he had to exhibit any real feelings of sincerity or compassion, so he has no skills in those areas. Eventually, as he grew up, his psyche settled into something resembling a borderline sociopathic…except for his barely controlled anger, always just below the surface. He's a manipulator, a conniving back-stabber, a black-hearted narcissist without a remorseful bone in his body. He respects nothing. Not exactly the best kind of person to have as a President. Those are a few of my thoughts on the man.

  2. Vanya says:

    Laughter is far too complex for any of us here to judge a person based on it. It can be a disorder, or a response to overwhelming emotion.

    People have found themselves laughing all the way through funerals, at the news of the death of a relative, or somethimes for no reason at all and struggle to repress this emotion.

    So before anyone of you intend to speak ill of someone or pass a spiteful comment based on this, please be more informed concerning such matters.

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