The Onion: Proposed Bill Would Bring 4,000 Troops Back To Life

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This is one of those really funny Onion articles with an extraordinarily sharp edge. Bravo to The Onion.


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  1. xxxx says:

    i don't think it is funny at all. it is shamefully insulting to the sons and daughters killed in the war, attempting to make an inane joke at their expense and that of their families. i wish you would not promote such insensitivity on your blog.

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    xxxx – Apparently, I need to explain to you . . . This is not an attack on the troops. It is an attack (an extremely vicious one, in my opinion) on the pie-in-the-sky, non-evidence-based, attitudes of the Bush Administration and Congress–attitudes that lead to other pie-in-the-sky laws such as No Child Left Behind or the Clear Skies Initiative.   I can assure you that dead and wounded troops are not funny to me.  It enrages me that U.S. soldiers and Iraqi citizens are needlessly dying

    The people who are attacking the troops are the politicians who needlessly sent the troops to Iraq and who are failing to bring them home. Further, our politicians have failed to give the troops proper armor and medical care. They've repeatedly lied to the troops about the need to go to Iraq and to remain in Iraq. The behavior of our politicians is shameless and it is actually killing troops.

    If you want to know the loyalties of the writers of this site regarding Iraq, click on any of the 188 posts on the category Iraq.

    If you really think that The Onion has hurt the troops, report the publishers of The Onion to U.S. military officials. Report to government officials that, if they read the Onion piece quickly and thoughtlessly, it might appear that a silly bunch of writers at The Onion is trying to insult the troops and their families.

    All that said, perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "funny."  Perhaps I should have described the article as incongruous and scathing.   It's definitely not a "ha-ha" version of funny.

  3. xxxx says:

    nobody said it was an attack on a troop.

    what is seen by some as funny is to others hurtful insensitivity.

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