Your chance to oppose FCC effort to invite further media concentration

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Free Press has posted this article, including a take-action link:

In 2003, the Republican-dominated Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, under Chairman Michael Powell, tried to push through a drastic media ownership deregulation package that would have transformed the American media ownership landscape. The proposal triggered one of the largest and broadest public responses ever to FCC policy by opponents of the plan, and the deregulation scheme was beaten back. But this year, the FCC’s current chairman, Kevin J. Martin, is trying to push through basically the same plan again by the end of the year. It would allow cross-ownership of major newspapers and TV stations in a single media market, and allow other changes to reduce diversity on the radio dial.

According to groups opposed to the plan, Freedom of Information Act requests reveal that the FCC buried studies demonstrating the harmful impact of media consolidation and then commissioned biased research to support their conclusions. Media democracy groups including — Free Press, Consumer Federation of America and Consumers Union used the FCC’s own studies to demonstrate that ownership deregulation results in a net loss in the amount of local news produced across local broadcast markets.


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