Because Muslims are “barbarians” let’s start a war to bring on the end of the world . . .

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Nothing like going to Washington D.C. to promote preemptive war with the support of your 50 million supporters.  That organization is Christians United for Israel (CUFI). 

They do nothing with more energy than they divide the world into us and them, good and evil.  They’ve got the support of many members of the U.S. Congress, as documented by this video report by Bill Moyers.

They, led by John Hagee, are pushing hard for a preemptive military strike on Iran.

The end game?  Israel and the U.S. “need” to attack Iran, then Russia and Middle Eastern countries will attack Israel, resulting in the Battle of Amegeddon.  This all needs to be done to please God.  Nothing like a clear conscience to enable wartime atrocities. “It’s time to get ready to meet the Son of God.”  According to Hagee, the “Rapture” is imminent. 

In public political gatherings, however, Hagee shows his hypocrisy:  he denies that his support of Israel has anything to do with religion or Bible prophecies.  See Moyers’ documentary for the proof.

Here’s more on the fundamentalist approach to the end of the world.  And see here and here.  For you unbelievers, here is a diagram of the end of the world, made simple.  

If you knew nothing at all about Christianity, after watching the speeches of these “Christians,” you would bet your house that the founder of Christianity had said things like “Hate you enemies” and “Never turn your other cheek,” and “Start a war before someone starts a war against you.”   It all makes me feel so very alien in my own country.


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  1. xiaogou says:

    It is funny that these barbarian Muslims held one of two repositories of knowledge during the dark ages and it was due to their wisdom to keep the knowledge safe helped Europe recover from the atrocities the civilized Europeans did to themselves.

    The other was held by the monks in Ireland. The knowledge was kept in the monasteries not because of the Catholic influence but their strong Celtic ties.

  2. Skblllzzzz says:

    I took a closer look at the diagram mentioned. In the right upper corner of the diagram is a depiction of the "Great White Throne", which, given the tiolet paper hanging left and right beside it, turns out to be a loo.

    Holy crap, I have to acknowledge those fundies have retained some humor after all. I thought they were devoid of it completely.

    Or do they take their crap with them when they go to heaven only to relinquish it there?….

  3. I think the author is conversing all Christians to hate the other religion people mentioned above but I think this not acceptable and my suggestion is if some body is wrong than we should not blame the whole religion and make it big.

  4. WOW. Nothing like helping God carry out His agenda.

    This is mind-boggling and scary.

    I'm here in San Antonio, but I somehow had no idea Hagee was so far off the deep end.

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