The fraudulent “war on terror” in a nutshell

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In an article entitled “The Mega-Lie Called the ‘War on Terror’: A Masterpiece of Propaganda,” Richard Behan sums up the evidence exposing the “War on Terror” for what it really is: a repulsive attempt to achieve world dominance through militaristic means.  The article includes a succinct chronology substantiating the author’s claims.

What is the basis for the “terror” of the “War on Terror”?  Good question: 

Impeachment will expose the fraudulence of the “War on Terror” and liberate us from the pall of fear the Bush administration has deliberately cast upon the country. Both political parties will be free to speak the truth: Terrorism is real and a cause for concern, but it is not a reason for abject fear.

We need only compare the hazard of al Qaeda to the threat posed by the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. On the one hand is a wretched group of sad fanatics — perhaps 50,000 in all — clever enough to commandeer airliners with box cutters. On the other was a nation of 140 million people, a powerful economy, a standing army of hundreds of divisions, a formidable navy and air force and thousands of nuclear tipped intercontinental missiles pre-aimed at American targets.

We were a vigilant but poised and confident people then, not a nation commanded to cower in fear. We can and must regain that strength and self-assurance.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    And now, President Bush makes clear that the lack of evidence regarding Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program doesn't matter to views or his policy.

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