Smith Barney’s effort to save trees

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My Smith Barney 401K account statement arrived today. I was pleased to see that Smith Barney is encouraging its clients to go paperless to save trees:

Smith Barney - save trees.jpg

I opened up the envelope to see that I have 7 cents in my account.

 smith barney - 7 cents.jpg

You see, this is an account from a previous employer.  I’ve tried several times to completely empty out the account, but to no avail.  They keep sending me a statement every quarter.

BTW, I went to the SB website and tried to sign up as paperless for future statements.  After 10 minutes of trying, I gave up.  It won’t let me into my account–perhaps because it’s an inactive account.

Epilogue:  If I let the money in this account grow for one billion years, maybe I’ll be able to retire on it.



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  1. Ben says:

    I had a bank start billing me for a *free* safe deposit box years after I closed the account. It turns out that to officially close a bank account you need to actually go down to the bank and take hostages.

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