Do Bloggers Need to Unionize?

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“What an odd question?” was my first thought when I read this column.

Blogging, as a profession, has grown from geeky obscurity into a direct challenge to the journalism industry, even with bloggers’ reputation for being unruly, unvetted, grammatically and syntactically insufficient, and above all, a disorganized mess.

He discusses the fight over standards, and the question of with whom such a union would negotiate, and for what? The author cites another on the issue:

“The idea of a blogger labor union seems to make as much sense as having a union for people who sing in the shower,” says Mike Pechar of the Jawa Report. “Typically, a labor union has some leverage by threatening to strike against management. Bloggers threatening to strike would probably be greeted with a ho-hum or maybe even applause.”

At its heart, it is another effort to apply old bureaucracy to a new paradigm. It reminds me a bit of the many attempts (starting before my own 26 years in programming) to encourage/require programmers to be licensed like engineers.


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