FCC Commissioner Michael Copps rallies the troops on media reform

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Salon’s Michael Grieve reports on Michael Copp’s address to the YearlyKos Convention. Copps, an FCC commissioner, addressed the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago:

a three-day gathering of about 1,500 bloggers and liberal activists. But his address was less a lecture than a call to action. “The country needs you, it needs a free press, it needs the Netroots community, it needs everyone you can bring along and fight like your future depends on it,” he said.

Copps focused on the biggest two issues facing media reformers: consolidation of media ownership and attempts by the telecoms to violate net neutrality

Neither issue gets much attention, but Copps, a balding former assistant secretary of commerce, has a way of turning incredibly complex bureaucratic rule makings into morality plays. “The way you win, the only way you win, is to take this story not just to Capitol Hill but all across America,” he said. “Talk about it, write about it, blog about it. If you can sing, sing about it.” The ballroom crowd of roughly 200 offered its applause.


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