New revelations regarding Pat Tillman’s death

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Football hero Pat Tillman died a military hero, defending the U.S from terrorism, right?  How convenient.  Or did he die of friendly fire?  It depends on what official version of the story you care to believe.  Tillman’s story reeks of cover-up. 

Now take a look at this evidence.

And now take a look at this interpretation suggesting that Tillman was murdered because he planned to return to the U.S. to speak out again the Iraq occupation.  And then look at this article from  Here’s an excerpt:

[Tillman] started keeping a journal at 16 and continued the practice on the battlefield, writing in it regularly. (His journal was lost immediately after his death.) [Pat’s mother] Mary Tillman said a friend of Pat’s even arranged a private meeting with Chomsky, the antiwar author, to take place after his return from Afghanistan — a meeting prevented by his death. She said that although he supported the Afghan war, believing it justified by the Sept. 11 attacks, “Pat was very critical of the whole Iraq war.”


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Here's what Glenn Greenwald had to say about Pat Tillman:

    I would simply add that right-wing troop-exploiters always reserve their most hateful, vicious and deeply personal attacks for soldiers and veterans who deviate from their political church — Jack Murtha, John Kerry, Wes Clark, Max Cleland, Scott Beauchamp. Similarly, the minute Pat Tillman's political views became known, the use they had for him vanished (and nobody has less interest in finding out what happened to Pat Tillman than they do). As Digby points out, they "support the troops" only to the extent that the troops are useful props for their political agenda.

  2. Vigilante says:

    It's not clear to me that Tillman was "executed". OTOH, questions abound:

    1) Who killed Pat Tillman?

    2) Why was Pat Tillman killed?

    3) Who covered up the Truth?

    4) What did the president know and when did he know it?

    5) Why does he resort – yet again – to executive privilege?

    If the Bushopranos have nothing to hide, why do they hide everything?

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