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Marty Kaplan recaps the alarmingly detached beliefs of President Bush, for all of us who have lost count (it’s easy to lose count):

Who gives a flying fig for what you believe, Mr. President? You believed trading Sammy Sosa to the White Sox was a good move. You believed Saddam was making nukes from Nigerien yellowcake. You believed Senators of both parties would acclaim Harriet Miers as a “superb choice” for the Supreme Court,” an American of “unwavering devotion to the Constitution and laws of our country.” You said you had faith in General Casey (until you fired him). You keep telling us you have faith in Alberto Gonzales. We know you believe in a Higher Power, Mr. Bush — hey, if AA works for you, you go, guy — but why should any American mother or dad let you put their son in harm’s way just because you “strongly believe” that his being wasted by a roadside IED in an Islamic civil war makes the world more peaceful and the United States more secure?

Here’s a current patently false Bush belief:  that continuing to attack, torture and toment (for the most part) innocent Iraqi families is “protecting America.” 


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    Bush is truly living in his own private Idaho: just last weekend, he was still claiming that the people he is fighting in Iraq are the same people responsible for the 9/11 attack! Makes me wonder how many brain cells he lost to alcoholism.

    What amazes me even more is that anyone is surprised by Bush's incompetence. The guy was a walking disaster for decades before he got his current job: in addition to his alcoholism, he also ran several companies into bankruptcy before he got into public life. Jesus might have saved his soul, but Bush's mind is long past redemption.

  2. "but Bush’s mind is long past redemption."

    I'm not sure about the meaning of "redemption" in this context, but I bet that was a really mean comment, wasn't it? 😀

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