The Onion: “Congress Passes ‘America Is #1’ Bill”

July 6, 2007 | By | 3 Replies More

Now it’s official.  We don’t have to try any more.  All we need to do is proclaim what we all know in our hearts. 

This is a reissue of an Onion story from 1999, even more appropriate in 2007.



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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.

    George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)

  2. Erika Price says:

    I don't get senseless, undeserved pride. Why do people show "pride" in a city or country they did not create, or a sports team on which they do not play? Why does self-esteem actually fluctuate with the success and failures of something you derive "pride" from, even if you have nothing to do with it? Social psychology of course has a name for the concept- Basking in Reflected Glory. You can read more about the phenomenon (particularly on the subject of team pride) here.

  3. fortunate1 says:

    My country, right or wrong,' is a thing that no patriot would think of saying. It is like saying, 'My mother, drunk or sober.'

    G.K.Chesterton (from "The Defendant" 1901)

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