Heavily fortified vacant train repair yard

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A friend referred me to this video about a strange government facility in a low-crime area in Indiana. 

Interesting stuff.   Any ideas of what this is?   It does look as though the governmnent plans to put a bunch of people into this space.   On the other hand, maybe this is just another example of the incredible waste associated with “Homeland Security.”

I’m working hard to not be paranoid about these “FEMA camps,” but there is some interesting chatter about these facilities that are springing up around the country (just check Google on this).  Maybe they are being built for subversive bloggers . . .


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  1. Mary says:

    No idea what this camp is about, but watching the video I get the distinct impression that this was what it was like in Nazi Germany when the concentration camps were being built. It all happened very quietly, while people weren't looking. I've often said that we are going to be very surprised about all the dirty stuff this White House administration is keeping from us when we figure out exactly what they're doing. Just look at all the outrageous stuff that has already been made public. We haven't seen the half of it. I think a little paranoia is warranted under the circumstances.

    (What subversive bloggers? I don't see any subversive bloggers here. 🙂 )

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