Support American troops: send them to die

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Congressional weasels…er, I mean Democrats…voted this week to ‘stay the course’ in Iraq, despite the fact that many were elected on promises to bring American troops home.  Instead, many caved in to the Republican motto that “support American troops” means “keep them in Iraq.”  Yes, the same Republican party that calls political repression the “Patriot” Act, that dismantled air pollution regulations in their “Clean Air” Act, and whose “war on terrorism” has created more terrorists than the human race has ever seen, is now telling us that keeping our troops in Iraq is the way to show them our support.  And, once again, Democrats are going along with this nonsense. 

They should all be thrown out of office for their complicity in killing American troops.


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  1. Is the right question really whether American troops should go home or stay in Iraq or should the question not be what is the best way to resolve the mess there that American politicians started?

    I would also like to add, so many of the patriotic, soldier loving citizens who demand a retreat of the troops, because the good guys get bombed and shot, still continue supporting their idiotic president and his foolish decisions. I don't believe they give a shit about American soldiers, if they did, they would have stopped supporting a commander-in-chief who starts wars based of lies and who willingly uses young men and women as cannon fodder. Where are the doubts about those who made the decision to send troops to foreign countries?

  2. "the Republican motto that 'support American troops' means 'keep them in Iraq.'"

    This is such a loopy statement!

  3. grumpypilgrim says:

    For another take on America's "Bush League" politics, see this article:

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