Garrison Keillor comments on “The Chosen President”

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Garrison Keillor has written a article titled “The chosen president: For the Current Occupant, it’s enough to believe that he’s been ordained by God. What does it matter what anyone else thinks?”  Here’s an excerpt:

Clearly the Current Occupant sees himself as a chosen president, though his theology is simpler than Calvin’s: really just four points — blindness as vocation (if you don’t remember it, you’re not responsible for it), unquestionable authority (the president is the president is the president), sustenance of faith (God has ordained you and it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks) and heckuva job (never admit a thing, let a smile be your umbrella). If you ran a business on those principles, you’d be in big trouble. Just look at General Motors.



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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    But….but…Bush is the "Chosen" President. He was chosen over Al Gore by former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor who, after reportedly making comments about retiring, stayed on the bench long enough to cast the deciding vote in a 5-4 decision in Bush v. Gore.

  2. grumpypilgrim says:

    "…Bush is the 'Chosen' President. He was chosen over Al Gore by former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor…."

    LOL — in other words, we should call O'Connor "the Decider."

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